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Fallout's Nuka-Cola Quantum soda is coming to life — minus the radioactive stuff

Soon, you'll be able to live out a little piece of your Fallout dreams — without all of the downsides of a deadly post-apocalyptic society. And it's all thanks to a cross-brand promotion the likes of which vault-dwellers could only dream of.

Fallout developer Bethesda Studios has partnered with boutique soft drink maker Jones Soda Company to sell Nuka-Cola Quantum at Target locations around the US. Nuka-Cola, of course, is best known for its caps, which serve as a currency in the Fallout series, but Nuka-Cola Quantum is a rare, addictive variety of the drink that gets its fluorescent blue glow from a small amount of radioactive strontium.

That's just the video game version though — the stuff you buy during your next big-box supermarket trip is really just a rebranded version of Jones Soda's Berry Lemonade flavor. It's a fun tie-in nonetheless, and you'll be able to buy it alongside Fallout 4 on November 10th.