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New Sony breach attempt affects 93,000 PSN and SOE accounts, credit cards not at risk

PSN logo (691px)
PSN logo (691px)

Don't panic, this isn't the start of another ordeal affecting tens of millions of accounts and necessitates testimony before legislative bodies. In his inaugural post to the US PlayStation blog, Sony's recently-hired Chief Information Security Officer Philip Reitinger revealed that his company has detected "attempts on Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation Network, and Sony Online Entertainment services to test a massive set of sign-in IDs and passwords." Less than 0.1 percent (that is to say, one tenth of one percent) were reportedly affected, which breaks down to 60,000 from PSN / SEN and 33,000 from SOE.

No credit cards associated with the accounts were put at risk, says Reitinger. All affected accounts have been subsequently locked — only a "small fraction" of those 93,000 showed additional activity prior to being locked — and their respective owners were emailed with further information and instruction on how to reenable their IDs.

According to Reitinger, the "overwhelming majority" of name / password pairs resulted in failed matching attempts, which he asserts means that "it is likely the data came from another source and not from our Networks." Which is to say, those 93,000 accounts apparently reused the same password elsewhere and those accounts were more successfully breached. Reitinger says the company has "taken steps to mitigate the activity." Not that we look forward to hearing much from him over the years, but at least he's reassuring.