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Sin Car offers mathematics-inspired driving fun

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Sin Car
Sin Car

Highly-regarded indie game developer ABA Games is launching Sin Car, a flash game with ABA's signature simple gameplay, over at Kongregate. After spending a few minutes with Sin Car, it becomes obvious that this is game has many of the hallmarks of your classic casual time-killer. It's incredibly simple to control — moving your mouse up and down contracts or expands a sin wave that your car follows (see the video below). Avoid crashing and pick up coins along the way to score points; smash once and the game is over. It's simple to play, hard to master, and rather addictive.

Those characteristics hallmarks of ABA Games, which is really just one man — Kenta Cho. Over the last decade or so, he's created a wide variety of games that run in Windows OpenGL or in Flash. While Sin Car is Cho's first game to go up at Kongregate under the ABA Games name, its actually a graphical update to a version of the game that's been living at Wonderfl that also now takes advantage of Kongregate's high score board. If you want to try and get your score on the board, you can head on over and play now.