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Nintendo files trademark for 'Circle Pad Pro' 3DS accessory

3DS Circle Pad
3DS Circle Pad

Signs are increasingly pointing to Nintendo bringing its unusual analog pad accessory for the 3DS to the US, the latest of which is a trademark filed by Nintendo for the name "Circle Pad Pro." While Nintendo refers to the analog nub on the 3DS as a "slide pad" in Japan (matching up with the "extended slide pad" language used to describe the accessory in Japan), over here in the States it's referred to as a "circle pad," making "Circle Pad Pro" a logical moniker.

This isn't the first time that Nintendo has used "Pro" to describe a control scheme update — in 2010, Nintendo launched the Classic Controller Pro for the Wii that offered improved ergonomics and shoulder buttons over the standard Classic Controller. We still don't know for sure when this accessory will launch in the US — but a launch alongside Capcom's Resident Evil: Revelations in February wouldn't be too surprising, as Capcom itself has mentioned the accessory launching alongside this game. Still, it remains to be seen if 3DS users will take to this accessory and its additional battery requirement.