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Corsair’s first gaming peripherals repackage popular features


Apparently memory, power supplies, and speakers weren't enough - Corsair broke into the gaming peripheral market today with a Vengeance. Namely, the brand-new Vengeance series of seven keyboards, mice and headsets coming this October.

Sure, the $129.99 K90 and $109.99 K60 mechanical keyboards cut a distinctive figure with their brushed aluminum chassis, but there's not much true innovation here - all these new peripherals are influenced by the competition's standout features. The K90's main draw are 18 dedicated "G-Keys" (sound familiar?) for recording macros, while the K60 has textured WASD keys and a left-hand palmrest for the FPS crowd; both include Cherry MX Red switches. As for the mice, both the $79.99 M90 and $69.99 M60 include 5700 DPI laser sensors, and the M90 features 15 programmable buttons. The M60 has the more distinctive style, evoking a Mad Catz Rat without the screws, and similarly includes a "Sniper" button that lowers DPI while you hold it down. None of the three headsets really stand out, but the $99.99 Vengeance 1500 has Dolby Headphone virtual 7.1 surround sound and memory foam earpads.

To get the full details on Corsair's new lineup, check out the links and gallery below.