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PlayStation Home adds Crackle support: watch movies and TV shows with your virtual friends

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PlayStation Home has added free movies and TV shows from Sony's Crackle service, with Ustream and RadioIO streaming services to come next month

playstation home, crackle
playstation home, crackle

PlayStation Home underwent a pretty major overhaul this month, but the new features are still rolling out. Sony's just added Crackle to the offering, which means you're now able to watch full-length, ad-supported movies and TV shows for free at the virtual cinemas. Now, admittedly you've been able to watch these same movies on your PS3 for a while via the web browser, but more sociable types might appreciate the ability to watch in public groups of 60 users, or throw private parties for 11 of your friends.

If movies aren't your thing, user-generated music and video streams from RadioIO and Ustream are coming to Sony's virtual world next month, offering users a further chance to express themselves beyond canned dance animations. Who knows, maybe PlayStation Home will become the next hip joint to check out the Vergecast. Check out the video below for a demonstration of the new Crackle features.