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Nintendo postpones 3DS November firmware update to December 8th

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Nintendo has postponed the release of its 3DS firmware update until December 8th. The update will bring 3D video recording and playback functionality, along with more StreetPass content and system data transfer.

3ds japan 640
3ds japan 640

The 3DS had a big firmware update pegged for November, and with only one day left in the month you could be forgiven for wondering where it's got to. It turns out Nintendo needs a little more preparation time and has pushed the release to next month, though you might not have to wait all that long — we're promised that it will be ready by December 8th. What will the update bring? Among other things, you'll be able to record and watch 3D video, and play more games with those StreetPass Miis you've been collecting. The update will also let you transfer data between multiple units, so that limited edition Zelda system you've been agonizing over? No excuses now.