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White PlayStation 3 going on sale in the UK and Germany next week

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The GameStop-exclusive white PlayStation 3 is going on sale this week in the UK and Germany.

Classic White Playstation 3
Classic White Playstation 3

UK PlayStation 3 gamers looking to take a break from the traditional black will get their chance at midnight tomorrow, when GameStop will begin selling a limited edition Classic White variant of the console. An exclusive for the retailer, the system will ship this coming week with 320GB of storage and two matching white Dual Shock controllers for £249.97. A £299.99 holiday bundle is also planned, sweetening the deal with £25 of PlayStation Network credit and a game of the buyer's choice.

Color variants of the PS3 are nothing new — a full spectrum of color choices are available in Japan, where the white model was introduced last year — and Sony isn't limiting the rollout to just the UK. GameStop Germany will also start selling the white console as an exclusive this week, while subsidiary EB Games already has it available in Australia. No word yet on whether it will be making its way to the US, which given the elegant look of the white case, does make us a tad jealous. Reservations are already being accepted, so check the source links below to get your orders in.