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South Park: The Game will be a full-scale RPG from the developers of Fallout: New Vegas

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone are overseeing the creation of South Park: The Game which will be a full blown RPG developed in cooperation with Obsidian.

South Park: The Game
South Park: The Game

South Park has had its share of games with varying degrees of disappointment over the years, but nothing as ambitious as what's cooking in the studios right now: a full-scale RPG based on the irreverent-yet-insightful cartoon for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are writing the script, doing the voice acting, and overseeing development of South Park: The Game, so it should hopefully meet the standards of the TV show's connoisseurs. The comedic duo has teamed up with THQ and Obsidian, so they've got some pretty heavy RPG chops on the project. In the game, you will play the role of a new kid in town who must make friends and defend South Park from threats. Details are still scant at this point, but you can pick up the January issue of Game Informer for the full story and an interview with Parker and Stone. The game will be released some time in 2012.