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OnLive for Android now supports Xperia Play controls, iOS app still awaiting approval

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OnLive's updated its Android app with support for Xperia Play controls. The iOS and Kindle Fire versions are still awaiting approval

OnLive Kindle Fire demo stock 1024
OnLive Kindle Fire demo stock 1024

OnLive's new touchscreen buttons aren't bad, but we still prefer some physical controls at the helm — that's why we're happy to report that the OnLive app will soon (later today) support the Xperia Play's set of dedicated gaming controls. That'll give you a pair of shoulder buttons, two virtual analog sticks and a D-pad, and since they're not on the screen, it should also be easier to see what you're playing. The company also announced a sweepstakes starting today: simply play Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on OnLive between now and January 1st, and you'll automatically be entered to win Mad Catz merchandise and a ticket to the Evo tournament in Las Vegas.

In case you're wondering what happened to the iOS version of the app we tested (we were wondering that ourselves), OnLive tells us it's still awaiting Apple's approval before it can come to a iPad, iPhone or iPod touch near you. Judging by the lack of an OnLive app on the Amazon Appstore, the Kindle Fire edition seems to have suffered the same fate. Here's hoping the approval process picks up before we run out of gaming time this holiday.