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'Fire Emblem: Kakusei' may be first Nintendo game with paid DLC

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The Nikkei reports that Nintendo is planning to make a new Fire Emblem game for 3DS its first to support paid downloadable content. Nintendo has yet to confirm this, but announced the game for an April 19th release date in Japan.

3ds japan 640
3ds japan 640

Nintendo's recent 3DS firmware update added support for DLC in the eShop, and if the Nikkei is to be believed, the service is kicking off this spring with a new Fire Emblem game. While Nintendo's Pay and Play system on Wii already lets players download content such as extra songs for Just Dance or Guitar Hero within the games themselves, this would be the first time the company has supported microtransactions on any of its own titles. According to the Nikkei, you'll be able to pay with prepaid cards or credit cards, individual transactions will cost "several hundred yen," and the system will work in the same way with the upcoming Wii U.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also said that the company doesn't plan to charge for content that lets you progress through games, in contrast with titles on social networking services. Fire Emblem: Kakusei was officially announced for an April 19th release date in Japan via the Nintendo Direct livecast today, but no mention of DLC was made. The Nikkei is a reliable source, though, so we'd expect more information to be released sooner or later.