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PS Vita Content Manager app forces firmware upgrade?

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The PS Vita reportedly forces you to update your system to the latest firmware if you want to use the Content Manager app, in a sign that Sony wants to keep security tight on the newly-released console.


Sony hasn't wasted any time getting firmware updates out of the door for its newly-released PlayStation Vita, and some users are reporting that the company is being a little pushier than usual in making sure users upgrade. If a post at Wololo is to be believed, running the Vita's Content Manager software under out-of-date firmware will prompt you to update to the latest version, and the app won't work until you do so. We're unable to confirm this ourselves, as our Vita is already at Version 1.510, but it wouldn't surprise us — the PSP and PS3 often lock access to features such as the PlayStation Store for users who haven't updated their firmware. This case is a little different, though, in that the Content Manager app provides the Vita with core media functionality unrelated to the PlayStation Network. We can't blame Sony for wanting to keep the Vita locked down considering how ravaged the PSP was by software piracy, but we also remember what happened the last time the company tried to force system updates.