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Astonishing Half-Life 2 gravity gun replica up for charity auction

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Harrison Krix has created an amazing replica of Half-Life 2s gravity gun, following on from last year's Portal model that raised over $14,000 for charity Child's Play. The gravity gun will be auctioned December 8th, with proceeds again going the same way.

half-life 2 gravity gun
half-life 2 gravity gun

There really aren't enough words to say how great this is. After raising over $14,000 for charity last year by auctioning off a meticulously-crafted replica of the warphole-throwing "Portal" gun from Valve's eponymous game, Harrison Krix is back. His project this time? Creating an equally-detailed model of the iconic gravity gun from another Valve work, Half-Life 2, and auctioning it off too. As with the Portal gun, proceeds will go to Child's Play, which raises money to provide games, books, and toys for children's hospitals worldwide. The auction will take place December 8th at webcomic Penny Arcade's annual fundraising dinner in Bellevue, Washington, and while the replica gun might not actually alter gravity, the project is sure to lift your heart.

(Photo credit Dan Almasy, more on Flickr)