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Dragon Shout for iOS now available: orient yourself in the world of Skyrim for free

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Dragon Shout is an unofficial app for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that lets players track their progress through the world by placing markers around a map of the game world.

dragon shout wm
dragon shout wm

Tracking your progress in the dizzying realm of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim just got a little easier with Dragon Shout, an unofficial free app for iOS (and later Android) that lets you place markers and information around a hand-drawn map of the fantasy world. The app is clearly still a work-in-progress, with social features such as marker sharing and chat coming soon, but the interface is clean and the map, while not all that detailed, is beautifully drawn. It takes a different approach to the official map app released for Batman: Arkham City, as it doesn't contain any content from the game itself. Instead, it focuses on providing a simple, freeform boost to usability, albeit with users doing most of the legwork. You can download it from the App Store right now — and again, it's free.