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PlayStation Vita 1.52 update arrives in Japan, fixes 3G SIM recognition error

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PS Vita update 1.52 has been released in Japan, where it improves system stability and fixes a SIM recognition issue.


We've still got over a month before Sony's PlayStation Vita will touch down in the US and Europe, and yet the system's already getting a second firmware update in its native Japan. According to Sony, version 1.52 improves the overall stability of the Vita system, but Japan's Ascii Plus Weekly confirmed with the company that there's a fairly specific bugfix, too. Some 3G-ready handhelds wouldn't properly detect a SIM card, flashing a "No SIM" message, but the publication managed to successfully detect a troublesome NTT Docomo SIM card shortly after the update was finished. What we haven't heard (yet) is if this latest update interferes with the work being done by the hacking community.