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'Resident Evil 4' is on Android in Korea

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LG has released Resident Evil 4 on it's LTE U+ Market today. While it might just be a port of the iOS version of the game, there's a chance it could eventually come to all Android phones.

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LG announced the release of Resident Evil 4 for Android today. Don't get too excited, though, because it might just be a port of the iOS version — the opening image is certainly the same. Why LG and not Capcom? The game is only available from LG's LTE U+ Market for now. There's no apparent reason why only LTE phones should be able to run the game, so it looks like the company is just using temporary exclusivity to promote its 4G network in Korea. While RE4 could eventually make it to Android phones everywhere, it's available in Korea now from the U+ Market for ₩5,500 (about $5).