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Free Boingo Wi-Fi for Nintendo 3DS owners at major UK airports

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Boingo is now providing free Wi-Fi access to Nintendo 3DS owners at major UK airports.

Boingo 3DS
Boingo 3DS

Nintendo and Boingo already provide free Wi-Fi access to 3DS users at select US airports, but the two companies are extending that deal to the UK's major airports this week. Free Wi-Fi is now available at London's top three busiest airports — Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted — as well as Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. The free Wi-Fi, which usually costs £3.95 per hour, will allow 3DS users to surf the web or access multiplayer games while they wait for their flight.

The Wi-Fi hotspots work with Nintendo's SpotPass feature, and the 3DS can automatically connect to Boingo's network at the participating airport locations. SpotPass will also download 3D videos and additional game content while the 3DS is in sleep mode. The free Boingo Wi-Fi access is available immediately, providing you have the latest 3DS software update released in December.