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8-bit Prince of Persia takes on the real world

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An Israeli comedy group saw it fit to recreate the original Prince of Persia – but in real life.

8-bit Prince of Persia
8-bit Prince of Persia

Ever wonder what it’d be like if the original Prince of Persia were to jump out of the screen of your Apple II and start roaming the streets of Israel in all his 8-bit glory? The Israeli comedy group Kaharat did, so they decided to make a video of it. The video features a real-life 8-bit version of the Prince, running, jumping, climbing, losing a sword fight with a security guard, and receiving awkward stares from pedestrians, all set to the game's original score and sound-effects. Make it to the end of the two minute, twenty second long-video, and there’s a quirky little surprise featuring the internet’s favorite plumber in store for you.