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This real world 'Aliens: Colonial Marine' built his own Smartgun

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Sean Maio has spent years perfecting the look of his uniform and his Smartgun, Juliet.

Colonial Marine
Colonial Marine

Star Wars has the 501st Legion, a super-fan group of screen-accurate Imperial Stormtroopers and Imperial officers. Aliens has the United States Colonial Marines.

Over the years, Sean Maio and other Aliens fans have meticulously, faithfully recreated not just the garb and guns of the Alien universe's colonial marines, but the xenomorphs they fight, the bug hunts they go on and even their ranked hierarchy.

Gearbox Software was so impressed by their detailed recreations of the movements, look and gear of the series' protagonists that they've taken to hiring them to help promote the upcoming video game shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Maio's meticulous Smartgun recreation is so precise that they even flew him to their Texas studio to capture his movements and face to place in the game's multiplayer.

Maio walks us through why he does what he does and gives us a little tour of that wonderful gun of his in this video from PAX East.