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'The Last of Us' E3 gameplay trailer blows our minds

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New The Last of Us trailer makes a bloody splash at Sony's E3 press conference.

last of us
last of us

At Sony's E3 press conference this evening, Naughty Dog unveiled a new gameplay trailer for The Last of Us.

The trailer follows protagonists Joel and Ellie through an abandoned hotel buried in overgrown weeds and a flooded first floor. Joel leads the way with Ellie on his heels, chattering idly to fill the silence. As they climb to the next floor and round a corner, Joel spies someone rifling through the doors of battered dresser. Within seconds Joel has choked the stranger and pockets the goods for himself.

Gunfire heralds the presence of other people, and as Joel returns their fire and advances through the hotel, Ellie creeps along behind him. Joel and Ellie duck into a room to hide, and as Joel hides half-in a closet his shoulders brush the hangers, stirring them. After a frantic, heart-pounding game of cat and mouse with several angry attacks, Joel grabs an assailant's rifle shotgun, wrestles the next guy to the ground, and blows his head off.