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'Dead Trigger' on Android update rewards players who bought before free-to-play switch

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The Android version of Dead Trigger has been updated with new maps, a new weapon, and a bonus for players who bought the game before it went free-to-play.

Dead Trigger
Dead Trigger

Madfinger Games has just released an update for the Android version of Dead Trigger, which adds some solid new content to the popular zombie shooter. Chief among the additions are two new arenas to do battle in — the aptly named "Stadium of the Dead" and "Deadly Corridors" — as well as new weapons and items, additional story missions, and a few fixes including improved auto-aim and better ammo drops. And for those who purchased the game before it went free, the update also brings a bonus reward, which comes in the form of 25 gold, ten casino chips, and a snazzy new alien gun. The update isn't currently available for the iOS version of the game.