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'Animal Crossing' for 3DS gets the series' first gardening shop

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New details surface on "Animal Crossing: Jump Out" for Nintendo 3DS.

animal crossing 3ds
animal crossing 3ds

The latest issue of Famitsu revealed more details on Animal Crossing: Jump Out for Nintendo 3DS, slated to release in Japan later this year.

According to a translation from Nintendo Everything, the latest Animal Crossing title adds new furniture and rooftops, doors, posts and fences are now customizable. The 24-hour Museum has added an Exhibition Room and Shop and increased the number of fish and fossils on display.

Several new types of shops have sprung up as well, including a thrift shop, shoe store, and shopping mall situated just beyond the train tracks. Jump Out will introduce the first gardening store in an Animal Crossing title, from which players can purchase seeds during daylight hours.

Animal Crossing was first announced at E3 2010 alongside the Nintendo 3DS. News on the title resurfaced during a Nintendo Direct presentation in late June, including details on the game's StreetPass functionality.