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    GameStop CEO debunks possibility of GameStop Mobile as an MVNO

    GameStop CEO debunks possibility of GameStop Mobile as an MVNO


    GameStop's CEO Paul Raines clarifies what GameStop Mobile really was and what it definitely isn't.

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    Earlier this summer, a mysterious GameStop Mobile site went live, suggesting that the video game retailer was preparing to become a wireless mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) using AT&T's network. Months after the site quickly vanished without explanation, GameStop CEO Paul Raines has finally addressed the service, telling Engadget, "We don't have an MVNO." He continued by saying:

    If you are trying to provide your customers with a bundle that comes with a pre-owned phone and will allow them to play games, make calls, and everything else — you don't have to have a network to do that; you can sell SIM-cards and pre-paid plans, those things exist, and we are in the process of testing several to see which ones makes sense.Raines also stated that GameStop Mobile "wasn't even an idea being pitched," and that it was "just a creative thing" that accidentally made its way to a public server. While this does put some speculation to rest, it will be interesting to see how far the company can go in terms of selling SIM-cards, a practice rarely seen in the United States.