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Nintendo TVii announced for Wii U

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Nintendo TVii, a service for the Wii U that incorporates "a personalized programming guide" to watch TV and video on the upcoming console.

nintendo tvii
nintendo tvii

Nintendo TVii, a service for the Wii U that incorporates "a personalized programming guide" to watch live TV and streaming video on the upcoming console, was announced today at the Wii U Press event.

Nintendo TVii is designed to bring together "what you watch and how you watch." Nintendo's Zach Fountain said there are three parts to Nintendo TVii: finding things to watch, using the GamePad as a master remote control, and engaging with friends.

Nintendo TVii incorporates several video applications on the Wii U, including Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon video, and TiVo into a single hub, using the GamePad as a remote. It features an onscreen remote reminiscent of Apple's scroll wheel on the iPod Classic.

Bringing together what you watch and how you watch

The service offers the ability to create multiple profiles. Users can explore TV channels and their favorite programming, which is directly tied to each profile, and share their recommendations with their friends.

Nintendo TVii also includes Twitter, Facebook, IMDb, and Wikipedia integration, and can leverage the information from there to make recommendations.

During the demonstration, Nintendo touted functionality built around sports, showing the service's ability to simultaneously watch a live game while browsing for statistics and searching for instant replays.

Nintendo partnered with i.TV, a company that "designs and builds second screen and social TV experiences" for Nintendo TVii.

The service will roll out in the United States and Canada on the Wii U's November 18th launch date, and the company is exploring bringing the service "other parts of the Americas." It will be included with all Wii U consoles with no additional cost and no monthly fees.

You can check out a trailer for the service below, and keep up with the rest of our Wii U coverage here.