Apocalypse Max is at first blush another lifeless member in the crowd of zombie games on iOS. Once again, a one man army is set to save or survive a world overrun with undead. In the first stage, the guns (from pistol to grenade launcher) and the zombies (some trudge, some run, others toss knives) are all too familiar. What distinguishes Apocalypse Max is a degree of polish uncommon on the iOS App Store.

The platforming controls work, practically a miracle on a touch screen. You move Max left and right by pressing arrows on the left side of the screen. You switch weapons, toss grenades, and jump with virtual buttons on the right. And you use a lethal dagger slice by swiping a finger in the direction of an enemy. The jumping, running, and killing are nearly as precise as they'd be on a traditional controller.

Everything else — aiming at zombies, reloading weapons, and using health packs — is taken care of by the game's artificial intelligence, allowing the player to focus on navigating from one end of a stage to the other, slaughtering everything that gets in his way.