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'Final Fantasy VII' port is 'years' away on iOS and Android because it's too big, says producer

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Final Fantasy VII is "years" away from release on iOS and Android devices because "phones won't be able to contain the space it takes," Square Enix producer Takashi Tokita explained to Shacknews. The maximum size allowed for iOS games on the App Store is 2 gigabytes; Tokita told Shacknews that Final Fantasy VII is "over a gigabyte." The game's recent PC re-release weighed in at more than 3GB, meaning it would brush up against even the Google Play Store's limit of 4GB per app.

Square Enix has been resistant to the idea of remaking Final Fantasy VII in the past, making it clear that it wanted to top its classic RPG in quality before looking backwards. Modern phone processing power is certainly up to the task of replicating Playstation graphics: it is currently possible — though illegal — to play the game through an emulator on an Android device.

The PC re-release of 'Final Fantasy VII' weighed in at more than three gigabytes

Tokita's comments come after the producer mooted the possibility of remaking Final Fantasy VII for iOS earlier this month. While discussing Final Fantasy VI's impending release, he told Kotaku that if the project to port Final Fantasies I to VI to iOS and Android went well, he and his team "would like one day to be able to work with VII." That day now seems further off than expected.