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Notch no longer plays 'Minecraft', and his next game isn't fun yet

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With nearly 25 million copies of Minecraft sold, indie developer Mojang could coast off of the game's success for some time to come — and that's exactly what it intends to do. In an interview with Polygon, Markus "Notch" Persson, the company's founder, explains Mojang's plan to produce an occasional large title to pay for a slew of less lucrative, experimental games. Among those odder titles is Persson's upcoming game 0x10c, which he admits isn't any fun yet, and won't ever be released if it doesn't get there. As for his first big hit, Persson told Polygon that he's no longer involved with Minecraft's development — and that he doesn't even play it anymore. "I think I played it for far too many, like hundreds of hours," he said.