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Humble Bundle X offers 'Reus' and 'Surgeon Simulator' for above average spenders

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The tenth Humble Bundle is out now, offering a set of top indie games for a price of your choosing. With Humble Bundle X, you can choose to pay what you want for a set of critically acclaimed games that run on Windows, OS X, and Linux. But people who pay the minimum price for the bundle will only get access to four out of a possible six games. Those that want access to all of the titles available will need to spend over a certain amount.

The bundle includes Joe Danger 2: The Movie and BIT.TRIP Runner 2: fast, frantic games that demand a cool head and precise control. Also included are two games with a slower pace and an emotional punch: Papo & Yo and To The Moon. Customers who pay more than the minimum $1 will get access to these four games on Steam, but those who splash out more than the average price for the bundle will also get access to 2D god game Reus and the slapstick, gore-splattered Surgeon Simulator 2013.

People who pay more than the average price for the bundle get two extra games

At the time of writing, that average price is a very reasonable $5.98. The bundle is on sale for another two weeks, but it's often best to be quick to these things: the first 1,000 buyers who paid over $9.99 for Humble Bundle X also received a copy of the million-selling indie exploration game Starbound.