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Valve posts entirety of Steam Dev Days to YouTube, explaining its console and VR strategy

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steam dev days gabe newell 640
steam dev days gabe newell 640

Valve is a notoriously private game publisher, and in January it hosted a private event. At Steam Dev Days, the company gathered developers to talk about its strategy for the company's Linux-based Steam Machine game consoles, virtual reality headgear, in-game economies, and game development, all with no journalists in attendance. While some news trickled out in the form of tweets, including when we can expect Alienware's Steam Machine to arrive and that the Steam Controller is due for another revision, we weren't able to get the full picture. Now, however, the entiretry of Steam Dev Days is on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Valve has uploaded video of all the sessions, and you can find PowerPoint and PDF slidedecks at this link. If you want to know what Valve is working on, here's your chance to hear it directly from the company.