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Valve's virtual reality headset might be better than the Oculus Rift

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Valve has been vocal in its support of virtual reality technology, saying that "compelling, consumer-priced VR hardware" could "transform the entertainment industry." Valve says it has offered help to Oculus as it works on the Rift headset, but the Bellevue-based developer is also apparently working on its own virtual reality hardware. A poster on gaming super-forum NeoGAF says he was invited to see and use that prototype after it was shown to a few game developers at the recent Steam Dev Days conference. He says he was shown 15 VR demos that included a demonstration of scale so impressive that people tried to "get out their phones and take a picture," a vignette that placed the subject on the edge of a cliff, and "a mechanical moving toddler's face." The prototype device, he says, is "lightyears ahead of the original Oculus Dev Kit."