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Twitch wants to let you broadcast your mobile games

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Twitch wants to let you start broadcasting gameplay from mobile titles, and it's preparing to make it easy for developers to enable just that. It announced today that it's working on a software kit that will allow developers to build Twitch broadcasting support right into their games. In addition to capturing a game's video and audio, it'll also be able to use a phone or tablet's microphone and front camera to record the player who's broadcasting. Twitch doesn't say what mobile platforms the broadcasting support might debut on though, nor when it'll launch.

This move over to mobile is just the latest step in Twitch's rapid expansion. While it's best known for streaming desktop PC games, it's moved over to console gaming too with built-in support on the PlayStation 4 and soon on the Xbox One. Twitch may have a harder time expanding on mobile though: unlike on consoles, where it's built into the system, broadcasting support will likely need to be added individually by every developer. But if Twitch can begin to garner support from iOS and Android game developers, it could soon find itself with a big presence on most major gaming platforms.