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Pay what you want for StoryBundle's $100 collection of video game ebooks

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The Video Game Bundle 3.0 is the latest pay-what-you-want compilation of DRM-free ebooks from StoryBundle, which has been organizing similar bundles since August 2012. Unlike its predecessors, which focused exclusively on traditional ebooks, the new bundle features five "interactive fiction" games adventure games that use text-only interfaces. The games created by Ryan Veeder include a story about a dinner party gone disastrously wrong and a tribute to American alternative rock band They Might Be Giants.

Also included are Service Games: The Rise and Fall of Sega, an exploration of the Japanese company's past as a console maker; and the first 11 issues of SCROLL, a magazine pivoting around gaming's complicated history. If you pay at least $12, you'll get all of the ebooks, apps and games, which would normally cost almost $100. As usual, buyers are at liberty to decide how their money will be split between StoryBundle and the authors. It's also possible to donate 10 percent of your payment to one of three charities Mighty Writers, Girls Write Now or Challenger Center when you purchase the Video Game Bundle 3.0 any time in the next 16 days.