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GE plans to give offshore wind energy a supercomputing boost

GE will make taller wind turbines using 3D-printing

GE’s latest kitchen appliance is a 27-inch tablet

GE is making a smart ceiling light and light switch with Alexa and Google Assistant

GE made a music video about ‘energy and the flow of it’

LG and GE add Google Assistant support to fridges, washers, ovens, and more

GE’s Alexa lamp will be available in September for $200

GE's new lights will change color to match the time of day

GE’s Smart City project now includes streetlights with gunshot detection

GE wishes you kids weren’t so interested in your darn MyFaces and Twiddlers

Today's nuclear deal means Apple, GE, and others could soon sell their products in Iran

GE plans to support Apple HomeKit with new smart bulbs

These GIFs from GE's new body scanner are gruesome and marvelous

Quirky just announced a ton of new products for the smart home it's building with GE

GE takes on Philips' Hue with a lower-priced connected light bulb

GE's new lights can send deals to shoppers' smartphones