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GM announces plans to make mobile power generators using hydrogen fuel cells

GM is creating an online used car marketplace

GM finally bends the knee to California’s authority to set vehicle pollution rules

GM says Qualcomm’s computer chips will power its next-gen ‘hands-free’ driving mode

General Motors claims it will sell autonomous vehicles to consumers by ‘middle of decade’

General Motors announces electric versions of the Chevy Equinox and Blazer SUVs

Cadillac’s autonomous future looks too rich for my blood

Chevy Silverado EV revealed: GM’s best-selling truck goes electric

Chip shortages cost GM the US vehicle sales crown it’s held since 1931

CES 2022 organizers insist in-person events will go on even as more exhibitors pull back

Disabled passengers were promised autonomous vehicles — they’re still waiting

It turns out that designing autonomous vehicles for disabled passengers is an immense challenge

GM starts delivering electric Hummer pickup trucks to customers

FedEx receives its first electric delivery vans from GM’s BrightDrop

GM announces Cruise CEO Dan Ammann is stepping down

GM teases upcoming GMC Sierra Denali electric pickup truck

The Chevy Silverado EV pickup truck will go into production early 2023

General Motors makes moves to source rare earth metals for EV motors in North America

GM won’t make new Bolt EVs until at least late January 2022

General Motors announces it will build a new cathode plant in North America

GM backs electric boat startup in $150 million deal

GM is building a prototype for the US military based on the Hummer EV

GM will start making Chevy Bolts again on November 1st

General Motors wants to help build 40,000 electric vehicle chargers in the US

Chevy Bolt recall will be paid for by battery supplier LG Electronics, GM says

The Chevy Silverado EV will debut at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show

GM reveals Ultra Cruise ‘hands-free’ system that covers ‘95 percent’ of driving scenarios

GM envisions electric vehicles with 600 miles of range with new battery research center

Ford and GM working toward settlement over the term ‘Cruise’ for hands-free driving

Cruise gets the green light to give driverless rides to passengers in San Francisco

Cadillac axes Escalade’s hands-free driving feature due to chip shortage

GM’s new software platform will enable over-the-air updates, in-car subscriptions, and maybe facial recognition

GM’s BrightDrop starts building its first electric vans