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Here are the best AirPods deals you can get right now

There’s a deal to be had on most AirPods right now, meaning you can save on everything from the entry-level AirPods to Apple’s latest pair of AirPods Pro.

Here are the best Apple Watch deals right now

Every smartwatch in Apple’s current slate is receiving some kind of discount right now, from the Series 9 to the Ultra 2.

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That’s a wrap on the deals front, folks!

We’ve spent the last week (or two) completely inundated with deals and discounts, highlighting everything from headphones and robot vacuums to some of our lesser-known favorites.

We don’t plan on updating any more of our Cyber Monday coverage tonight, though, you do have a few more hours to net some savings before most deals expire. Luckily, there are still plenty of terrific picks available.

Now, here’s hoping Amazon doesn’t throw another Prime Day event on our calendar three weeks from now.

This is a great time to buy nice wired earbuds that will outlast any pair of AirPods.

Sennheiser’s lauded IE 600 wired earbuds are down to $499 for Cyber Monday. Yes, that’s objectively a lot of money. But they normally run 700 bucks and are widely considered one of the best sounding pairs of earbuds on the market today. Here’s a detailed video review on them. No gimmicks. Just pristine audio.

If you take care of these buds, they’ll last many, many years to come. No need to worry about deteriorating battery life when you’re plugged in the old fashioned way — with a USB-C dongle nowadays, I guess.

If the IE 600s are firmly outside what you’re willing to spend, then consider the IE 200s, which have a similar sound tuning and can be had for $120 today.

Note: If you buy something from these links, we might get affiliate revenue.

A photo of Sennheiser’s IE 200 earbuds next to the company’s IE 600 eabuds.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge
Ubisoft is giving away Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on PC.

As far as Cyber Monday deals go, you can’t beat free (although some argue that the best deal available is a full-price offer), and you can get this 2015 entry from the Assassin’s Creed series directly from Ubisoft for $0 until the promotion ends on December 6th.

Without spending any more money, you can also flip through some concept art from the game in this gallery below (the full art book will cost you) or read Andrew Webster’s review calling the game “everything that’s great and terrible about the series.”

Assassin's Creed Syndicate concept art


The Verge’s guide to Cyber Monday 2023

We’re here to help you make the most of what’s quickly become a monthlong celebration of deals and discounts.

Lion Knights’ Castle, the GOAT of Lego sets, is on sale for its best price ever.

I kid you not: if I had to pick just one Lego set ever made, this epic transforming castle packed with clever details and play features would be the one. I sold off my airsoft guns to afford the $400 set at launch — now, Lego has it on backorder for $300 alongside the awesome Loop Coaster (also $300) and UCS Razor Crest ($420). I’ve never seen this one on sale before.

Note: If you buy something from these links, we might get affiliate revenue.

A big classic yellow styled Lego box showing a castle playset.
The Lion Knights’ Castle set from Lego.
Image: Lego
The Verge
What’re ya buyin’ (this Cyber Monday)?

Black Friday is here with a cavalcade of tech deals and Cyber Monday isn’t far behind with its secondary salvo. There are all kinds of discounts and sales right now, offering all-time lows on some great devices. But what should you actually buy?

I’ll be going live at on Monday 11AM ET to help with your Cyber Monday shopping and answer your tech buying questions. So be sure to drop questions here in the comments and feel free to also share the sickest deals you scored — so we can all share in some digital high-fives.