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Amazon is including a free Echo Dot with Xbox One consoles

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This cheap speaker is an amazing freebie

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To mark the launch of new Alexa skills for Xbox One, Amazon will offer its updated Echo Dot for free with the purchase of an Xbox One S or Xbox One X console while supplies last. Normally a $49 purchase by itself, getting Amazon’s tiny speaker tossed in for free is a nice perk — regardless of whether you see yourself shouting Xbox voice commands regularly or not.

Our review for the third-generation Echo Dot praises its vastly improved sound quality and aesthetic, which come at the same low price of the prior model. In terms of how you’ll be able to use it with the Xbox One, Microsoft’s new Alexa skills let it take control of a multitude of tasks, like “Alexa, turn on Xbox” and “Alexa, tell Xbox to launch Gears of War 4.”

The new Echo Dot is set to release on October 18th, though it’s possible that you might receive it a bit earlier. Amazon told The Verge that buyers who receive their Echo Dot and Xbox One bundle will “vary based on customer location and their proximity to the inventory.” For many, it’s likely that the Xbox One console and Echo Dot will arrive in separate boxes. Once you have both set up, you’ll need to update your new Xbox to utilize the new voice functions.