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Amazon’s budget-friendly Fire tablet lineup is even cheaper this week

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A smart pick if you need a tablet to toss around

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Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge

Amazon’s kid-focused tablets have been discounted since last week, and now the sale has extended to its main lineup, including the Fire 7, Fire HD 8, and Fire HD 10. Depending on the tablet you choose, the savings range from $10 to $30 off until November 3rd. That’s not bad for options that already fall well below or near the $100 price point.

If you’re a bit confused about which tablet is best for you, it really comes down to cost, size, and screen resolution. All of them include expandable storage via their microSD slot, so storage capacity shouldn’t necessarily dictate which one you buy, unless you foresee using it up all at once. At these prices, each one comes with Amazon’s lock screen ads, which help to drive down the cost, though you can pay more to either opt out at the time of purchase, or you can do so at a later date.

Compared to more expensive Android tablets and Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s tablets aren’t nearly as capable and aren’t a good fit if you see yourself getting into anything more than light work. While easy to beat in terms of performance, Amazon’s tablet lineup has been unbeatable when it comes to providing the entertainment mainstays, like Prime Video, HBO Go, Netflix, and more, at a low cost.

We’re likely to see more tempting offers once Black Friday and Cyber Monday come around, though given how affordable these tablets already are, we don’t see buyers being blindsided too heavily.