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Tile multi-packs for $34.99 come with a free Google Home Mini at Best Buy

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Lesson: never pay for a Google Home Mini

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Buying a multi-pack of Tile Bluetooth trackers is a good idea, but it’s even better when you get a free Google Home Mini with the purchase.

Starting at $34.99 for a four pack of Tile trackers that loop onto your keychain, Best Buy is including a free Google Home Mini for anyone who buys in. The color option for the Home Mini is up to you, though you may be disappointed to know that the new aqua color isn’t up for grabs.

Google’s smallest Home speaker has found its way into so many promotions during the past year that it’s hard to imagine that you might still be without one. But even if you aren’t, this freebie makes for a nice gift for someone in your life who doesn’t yet own a smart speaker.

The last bit to note is that a few of the Tile Mate products looped into this deal allow for battery replacement, which is a new development for the company. Keep an eye out for “Mate (2018)” when you’re choosing from the list. This means that its battery can be swapped out once it dies.