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    RavPower’s thin, powerful USB-C wall charger is cheaper for Verge readers

    RavPower’s thin, powerful USB-C wall charger is cheaper for Verge readers


    A fast charger that’s easy to tote

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    Photo by Sam Byford / The Verge

    If you own a device that gets its power via a USB-C port — like a Google Pixel 3, a new MacBook, a 2018 iPad Pro, or a Nintendo Switch — your charger should be three things: powerful, low-profile by design, and inexpensive. RavPower’s 45W gallium nitride (GaN) wall charger fits these criteria better than most other options, and it has the distinct advantage of being on the bleeding edge of fast charging speeds even within a smaller form factor than standard silicon wall chargers have been able to accomplish.

    RavPower is offering an exclusive discount on its latest charger for readers of The Verge, and you can take advantage of this deal until the end of April. Normally $54.99, this GaN wall charger sits almost flush with your wall and is $42.99 on Amazon when you check out with the offer code VERGE104. This deal applies to both the white and black chargers.

    The Verge’s Sam Byford had a chance to test the RavPower GaN wall charger. Other than being impressed with its size — even when compared to Anker’s GaN charger — it aced its claims of being able to charge a 12-inch MacBook in two hours. It’s also a thoughtful addition to the home of anyone who values tidy cable management, as he says that “it only protrudes about half an inch from the wall, and the USB-C port is on the edge, meaning you can easily run the cable behind furniture or tuck it out of the way. When the prongs are folded away, you’re left with a tiny brick that’s about the size of a tin of mints and no less pocketable.”


    Normally $54.99, this slim, powerful gallium nitride wall charger is $12 off for readers of The Verge with offer code VERGE104 until the end of the month, or until supplies last. This deal applies to the black and white chargers.

    Update April 16th, 12:24PM ET: RavPower is back on with its exclusive discount for Verge readers. Normally, the price for the GaN charger is $54.99, but you’ll be able to purchase one for $42.99. Find out more about the product above, and be sure to grab the offer code before you head to Amazon.