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ThinkGeek is offering 50 percent off everything until 5PM ET

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Your favorite game / movie / TV show franchise gear is cheaper right now

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ThinkGeek, purveyor of gadgets for practically every glorious facet of geek culture, is having a huge sale today across its entire site. The discounts just started, but you’ll only have until 5PM ET today, December 3rd, to take advantage of 50 percent off anything on its store.

If you’re buying gifts for loved ones who are obsessed with video games franchises like The Legend of Zelda, Fortnite, Fallout, or television shows like Doctor Who or Rick and Morty, you’ll probably get some good use out of today’s big discount. You’ll find costumes, accessories, figurines, posters, and more that celebrate popular entertainment franchises, so ThinkGeek’s offering isn’t limited to just superfans.

To activate the discount, load up your cart and head to the checkout page. Then, enter the code HALFELF to save 50 percent on your total. Just remember: this discount won’t last for much longer.