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The latest iPad is $100 off at Walmart and Amazon, beating the Black Friday price

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This is the best iPad deal of 2018

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Retailers have been vying to offer the lowest prices on iPads, but Walmart and Amazon are each hosting arguably the best iPad deal yet. The 32GB model is now going for $229 — a clean $100 off of its original price. If you’re looking for the 128GB model, Amazon and Target have you covered for $349, which is $80 off the usual price.

For the past week, the iPad’s price point has matched, or has come close to matching, Black Friday prices. Now, it’s cheaper than ever. With the winter holidays just days away, today is probably your last chance to get it on time, and to buy it at this price. Walmart is offering two-day shipping for the iPad, so that puts delivery before Christmas, though Amazon’s page says that it will ship after Christmas.