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RavPower wireless chargers are at their lowest price ever with Amazon’s Deal of the Day

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Verge readers can get an additional discount with our promo code

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RavPower makes our favorite wireless charger for Qi-enabled phones: the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad. While the newest version is still on the more expensive end of the wireless charger spectrum, you can pick up the older model at the lowest price it’s ever been, today only, as part of Amazon’s Deal of the Day program. Also available in today’s Deal of the Day is a newer wireless charger from RavPower, the HyperAir Stand, which Verge readers can pick up at an additional discount.

The new HyperAir Wireless Charging Stand charges Samsung phones at 10W and iPhones at their max speeds of 7.5W. The HyperAir is currently listed at $37.49, or 25 percent off the original price of $49.99. Verge readers can use the code VERGECHL to get the HyperAir Stand for $35.99 (28 percent off MSRP). While the Deal of the Day only lasts 24 hours, our exclusive code runs through Thursday, April 26th.

The older model of the Fast Charge wireless charging pad is discounted by a full 40 percent off until 11:59PM tonight (Monday, April 23rd). Originally $14.99, you can get the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad for $8.99 today only. Note that this doesn’t include a power adapter, and the Fast Charge only powers iPhones at 5W.