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Get a free Google Home Mini when you spend over $119 on eBay

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A $49 discount

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

eBay is giving out a free Google Home Mini smart speaker if you check out with more than $119 worth of items in your cart. Normally a $49 value, the smallest and cheapest Google Home is currently discounted to $34 on the Google Store and elsewhere in the lead-up to Amazon Prime Day. Clearly Google’s marking it down aggressively in hopes of chipping away at Amazon’s lead with Alexa and the Echo Dot.

To get your free Home Mini, add one to your cart from Google’s official eBay page. Make sure that your cart has at least $119 worth of products (not counting the cost of the Home Mini) when you check out, then input the code “PMINI4FREE.” You should then see the value of the Google Home Mini removed from your cart total.

This a pretty swell promotion if you’ve been holding out on buying a Google Home Mini for yourself or someone else. This offer ends at 2:59AM ET on June 15th, and eBay says that your free Home Mini should arrive within 10 days following the order.