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    Anker wireless chargers, smart bulbs, and audio accessories are on sale for Verge readers

    Anker wireless chargers, smart bulbs, and audio accessories are on sale for Verge readers


    Better than Prime prices

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    Anker SoundCore mini
    Anker SoundCore mini

    Just in time for Amazon Prime Day 2018, Anker has launched a handful of deals across its gadget and accessory portfolio. Whether it’s a smart light bulb replacement you’re after, a wireless charger, or even a dash cam, you’ll be able to get the items below at a discount with exclusive codes for readers of The Verge.

    Anker’s Eufy brand makes some of the most affordable smart light bulbs around. Compatible with iOS and Android via its EufyHome app, these Alexa-enabled bulbs are close to 30 percent less than their original prices. The Eufy Lumos — capable of both white and color output — is $24.99, which is 28 percent off its regular price with offer code VERGE103. If you only need white, that bulb is also highly discounted and will cost you $12.99 with the code VERGE101.

    If you want to stock up on audio accessories for the gym, patio, or your car, Anker is discounting its sport earbuds and its miniature Bluetooth speaker. The Anker SoundCore Spirit Bluetooth in-ear headphones offer IPX7 protection against sweat and claim to last up to eight hours on a single charge. You can find them on Amazon for $32.99, which is 17 percent off the original price, with offer code VERSDC03.

    Anker’s small Bluetooth speaker, the SoundCore Mini is available for $19.99, which is 30 percent off. Just enter the code VERSDC01 at checkout.

    It’s not a bad idea to invest in a dash cam, whether it’s because you want to accurately document any potential accidents or are just hoping to capture the next meteor sighting. Anker’s Roav Dash Cam C1 Pro is 29 percent off, bringing the price down to $74.99 with offer code VERGEPRM.

    Lastly, for your smartphone or tablet charging needs, Anker has a slew of wireless chargers and durable cables on sale as well.

    For phones that support Qi wireless charging — and there are a lot of them — Anker’s wireless charging pad is a good option if you simply want to plop your device down while you sleep. It’s being discounted almost 40 percent to $13.99 with offer code VERGEPAD.

    If you don’t have much time to spare, Anker’s fast wireless charger is probably a better choice. It’s a bit pricier at $31.99 with offer code VERGEB25, but that’s still 30 percent below what you’d normally pay.

    We all need to restock cables from time to time, so if you use an Android phone with USB-C, you can snag a duo of USB-C to USB-A fast charging cables for $9.49 with the code VERGE266 at checkout. iOS device users can save on Anker’s Lightning cables, which run for $11.19 each with offer code VERGE654 (30 percent off of its regular price).

    Update 10:00AM ET, July 23rd: Updated to reflect that the exclusive codes have now expired, but stay tuned for more offers. Thanks for reading.