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eBay is offering some more tech deals today, all priced at $119

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The same price as a year of Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime Day isn’t here yet, but other retailers aren’t waiting around to begin offering discounts on tech.

eBay has played host to some good deals all week, and it continues today with more products priced at $119 (which is the same price as a year of Amazon Prime) and ship for free:

You can find eBay’s repository for today’s deals right here along with more listed products as the day goes on. Some products might not be the latest and greatest, or refurbished, but you're still getting solid savings.

And if you happen to buy something from another retailer at the same price, eBay’s new “Best Price Guarantee” claims to meet the price at 110 percent, meaning it will best the price by 10 percent in your favor. You just need to take advantage of the price guarantee within 48 hours of purchase.

Update July 11th 10:00AM ET: Several of eBay’s $119 sales have come to end. We’ve updated the list and have ensured that all items are new, as many of eBay’s best deals on Monday were for refurbished products.