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This GTX 1080 Ti bundle is a great value for first-time PC builders

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The graphics card alone usually costs $700 or more

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Building a gaming PC with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti inside isn’t a cheap endeavor, usually requiring at least $700 for the card alone. But just ahead of the expected launch of Nvidia’s RTX 2080, it’s likely no coincidence that it’s more affordable today at B&H. You’ll find the 1080 Ti as part of a $999 EVGA bundle that’s perfect if you want to build a powerful PC from scratch.

The GTX 1080 Ti in question comes with a huge list of extras, including: an ATX case, 850W modular power supply unit, ATX motherboard that’s compatible with the latest Intel CPUs, a liquid-cooling system, tuners to help improve airflow with the liquid-cooling system, an SLI bridge that allows you to link up a second 1080 Ti, and finally, an adapter that reroutes the GPU’s power cords for better cable management.

According to B&H, purchasing each of the components separately would cost around $1,800. This isn’t a fantastic deal if you’re just looking to snag a high-end GPU for less, as we expect the price for this and other 10-series Pascal GPUs to fall if the next-gen series launches at competing price points. And we’re not sure that all of the included components are essential to a good PC build, but the $999 price makes it pretty hard to resist. You could build the PC for someone else, or just as a backup of your own.