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Best Buy is selling Amazon’s Echo Show for $100 off

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And if you buy two, the second is basically free

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

The Amazon Echo Show is one of the most affordable smart displays you can buy, but it’s facing fresh competition from Google and Lenovo. So now, the company is getting even more aggressive on its price with a discount at Best Buy. Currently, you can save $100 on the normal price, bringing the Show’s total cost at checkout down to $129.

And if you can be convinced to buy two of them, Best Buy is knocking an extra $10 off of each to make the cost of a twin-pack just $239. That’s just $10 more than a single Echo Show would cost from Amazon right now.

Amazon is also hosting a deal of its own, but it doesn’t quite compare. Unlike Best Buy’s offer, you have to purchase two in order to get any sort of discount, which, at $309 before tax, isn’t nearly as good.

Best Buy has marked down other Amazon products as well in a sale that lasts through Saturday, August 4th, offering all other Amazon Echo devices at Prime Day prices. To name a few notable discounts, two Amazon Echo Dots will only set you back $49 instead of $100, the Fire TV Cube is $89 instead of $119, and Amazon’s Cloud Cam security camera is $59, down from $119.

Deciding between smart displays isn’t tough, as it’s just Amazon’s efforts against Google’s, which currently consists of Lenovo’s very good, but slightly more expensive Smart Display. Though, JBL, LG, and Sony have also committed to releasing smart displays running Google’s Android Things platform.

Amazon’s Echo Show puts Alexa on a 7-inch display, and it can act as a hub for your smart home accessories. Like any of Amazon’s smart speakers, it can play music from a variety of apps, like Pandora and Spotify, and with “Drop In” video chat, it can automatically connect to other Echo Shows, the Echo Spot, or smartphones with the Alexa app enabled.

The most noteworthy omissions here are the lack of YouTube and a physical switch that covers the camera, both of which you’ll find on the Lenovo model.