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Amazon’s entire Fire TV lineup is on sale right now

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The Fire TV Cube is $79.99 and they get cheaper from there

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Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Your search for a good set-top box under $100 just got easier, as Amazon has discounted its Fire TV Cube to $79.99, down from its regular $119.99 price. Like the $69.99 Fire TV, which is currently $39.99 for Prime subscribers, the Cube can handle broadcasting 4K HDR content through a variety of apps. But as for what to expect after paying an admittedly small premium on Amazon’s Fire TV Cube, its integrated far-field microphones let you issue voice commands without a remote (though a remote is included, should you find yourself out of their range.)

Alexa in the Fire TV Cube can control your entertainment center, simplifying tasks like setting the volume and inputting commands in your cable box. Think of it as a voice-activated mediator that’s able to navigate through the disparate interfaces of all of your gear.

On the other side of the pricing (and capability) spectrum, Amazon has also knocked $10 off of the trusty Fire TV Stick, bringing the price down to $29.99. It’s currently our top pick for a streaming stick under $50, though the $39 Roku Premiere, the company’s latest 4K HDR set-top box, may force Amazon to up its game.