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AOC’s $189 gaming monitor is a cheap way to get G-Sync adaptive sync

AOC’s $189 gaming monitor is a cheap way to get G-Sync adaptive sync


Nvidia’s G-Sync patch will arrive later in 2019

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AOC’s G2590FX gaming monitor is $30 off of its original price at Newegg, dropping it down to $189. While it’s certainly not a huge discount, it makes this FreeSync-ready monitor well worth considering. Later in 2019, it’ll receive a firmware update that enables Nvidia’s G-Sync adaptive sync technology for GeForce GTX and RTX GPUs.

This 24.5-inch monitor has a 1080p resolution with a 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate, which are all necessary components for a decent gaming monitor. Its bold red chin bezel might not be a great fit for everyone (reader Torontopoly says it’s more of a “light copper” and that product shots are deceptive of its true shade,) but AOC’s monitor mostly makes up for it by eliminating the rest of the bezel that’s wrapped around the display. This monitor also boasts a TN panel, an option that, while not as good as IPS, helps keep the price low without sacrificing too much in the way of color production and viewing angles. It’s a big deal for enthusiasts, but it shouldn’t make or break you if you’re considering monitors around the $200 price point.

Amazon is also offering AOC’s monitor at a discount, albeit for $10 more.


This FreeSync (and soon, Nvidia G-Sync-ready) gaming monitor is $30 off at Newegg. You can also see it discounted at Amazon, though the savings aren’t quite as good.