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    RavPower’s thin 45W USB-C wall charger is $11 cheaper for readers of The Verge

    RavPower’s thin 45W USB-C wall charger is $11 cheaper for readers of The Verge


    One of our most popular deals is back

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    Photo by Sam Byford / The Verge

    RavPower’s thin USB-C wall charger is discounted again for readers of The Verge. Compared to most off-the-shelf chargers, this model is thinner, and capable of quickly charging most devices. In other words, this one charger eliminates the need to bring along two or more different chargers to keep all of your devices topped off. Usually going for $54.99, RavPower is marking down a limited amount of stock (white color only) for $43.99 at Amazon with the offer code VERGEKP4.

    Updated 7:40PM ET, January 27th: RavPower shared with The Verge that the offer code will expire tonight at 11:59PM PT / 2:59AM ET.

    At first, this might seem like a steep price to pay for a wall charger, but this one leaps ahead in a few ways: it’s small and powerful. This 45W charger is capable of Power Delivery via its USB-C port, meaning that it won’t slow down while charging anything from a smartphone, an iPad Pro, or Nintendo Switch, to a more power-hungry MacBook Air, as well as other laptops that charge over USB-C.

    Its small size is thanks to its gallium nitride (GaN) internals, and compared to traditional silicon electronics, it allows for more power and efficiency in a smaller form factor. If you want to learn more, my colleague Angela Chen wrote a fascinating deep-dive on this tech. RavPower is among the first to hit the market with wall chargers, though it isn’t the only participant. Anker has released a 30W GaN charger, though it’s chunkier and less powerful.


    Normally $54.99, this slim, powerful gallium nitride wall charger is $12 off for readers of The Verge with offer code VERGE104 until the end of the month, or until supplies last. This deal applies to the black and white chargers.